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Full Spectrum Relax


Stress is pretty much a given in everyone’s life, whether it’s from work, money or relationships. There are many reasons why people turn to natural plant-based remedies for the relief of stress and anxiety, and associated problems like poor digestion and insomnia. This smooth blend of botanicals and full-spectrum hemp oil is our innovative formulation that may help with anti-stress and relaxation. Relaxation and self-care are important – what are you waiting for!

• 100MG, or 166.6mg of Full Spectrum CBD per dropper serving

• All-natural plant-based formula

• May have anti-inflammatory qualities

• Has the ability to act as a muscle relaxant

• May relieve joint pain


Full Spectrum CBD, Glycerin, MCT Oil, Piscidia Piscipula, Cinnamomum, Citrus Medica, Rosa Rugosa, Lavandula Angustifolia, Viburnum Opulus.

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